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The Zimmerman Circle is for you if…


You are having trouble finding and maintaining top talent


You are challenged with sustaining a thriving company culture


Your desired agility and speed in your teams will move your company forward


Toxic employees are disrupting your team metrics and end goals


Creating and implementing bold changes would make all the difference.


Ready to take your business to the next level?



5 Things Creative Leaders Do…


Rattle Cages

They instigate change they envision, even though others don’t.


and tap into their creativity and find solutions.

Move Fast

when the timing is right.


see the big and small picture; decidedly know the difference between content and context.


and understand how emotions play a big part in leading others.

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The Zimmerman Circle is committed to create leaders that are more creative, excel in energy management and access their creative self towards innovation.


See what we can offer you.

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 How Creative Leaders support their team:


“Creative Leadership requires ability for risk taking and may necessitate outside the box or common accepted frameworks by releasing talent and imagination.”


Actively engage 1 on 1 with your employees:

“See and hear them”, see their strengths, hear their passions, and how they can best contribute to the organization.

Empower to discover potential:

Stop micro-managing, place your staff in situations to build confidence, ownership, and self-empowerment to make sometimes tough decisions. Let go, step back, observe.

Share your success as a leader to build momentum:

Being both vulnerable and empowered, you can show that you also make mistakes AND brilliant decisions. Creating transparency and trust will accelerate agility and speed within you team and organization. Be of “service” to your management team, staff and employees through this growth process as a Creative Leader.