My Story


I take pride and joy in serving clients who are committed to work on personal development, elevating their Emotional Intelligence at work and in relationships.  I was a Midwife for 16 years and it was a magical time! I loved assisting families in the process of giving birth, which was a rich time of transformation and growth.

This passion for service has now translated to the work I do coaching executives, individuals in relationships, moms returning to work, and artists. I learned a great lesson from working with new mothers. The one thing they all wanted was to be “seen and heard”. This is the starting point where I begin all my sessions. I listen, creating an opening for transparency and trust right from the beginning.


My clients, knowing that they are deeply "seen and heard", are able to tap into their best selves, and find more fulfillment in their personal relationships, as well as make a more effective contribution to their teams and organizations, and the world.

Clients often say to me, “I don’t know why I am telling you these things, I never open up so fast with someone”

Finding transparency and trust within your relationships and organization is paramount, because without it, your ability to move with grace and be responsive to shifting situations is constricted. Both Agility &  Emotional Intelligence skills play an important role in creating these outcomes.

Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management are the keys to building a fiscally successful business, a sustainable company culture, and cultivating lasting personal relationships.