Creative Leadership was something that I had heard about and had only a vague idea around how it worked and why it was important. I’d heard about it, but wasn’t sure it was something I needed. My staff were doing okay and I felt like I was a decent manager. We were hitting target metrics, but I was struggling with getting my staff motivated to take on new challenges and claim ownership within the department. 

I began working with Monica. Over the next few months I had my eyes opened. Monica was able to tailor our sessions toward my own personal opportunities and through that I was able to not only see how important self-awareness energy management and emotional intelligence is in motivating and empowering my staff, but also see clear ways to grow and develop that area. She took away the mystery and gave me a toolbox.

Over the next months I was able to see my staff go from ‘just being at work’ to ‘excited to be at work’.

This may not seem like much of a change, but productivity and initiative went up! This was a direct result of working with programs, protocols and feedback on a weekly basis. She was a caring listener and incredibly talented at understanding emotion and motivation. I was able to talk through scenarios I had been through at work, and she was able to give solid, productive support by asking direct, reflective, insightful questions.

Monica left me with a trove of things to practice and work on. I feel like our time together crammed in a life’s worth of insights with people and self- awareness insights, and every day I use her techniques to build stronger relationships with my staff and coworkers. It was hard work; I would compare it to Occupational Therapy in the sense that every week I had a new set of exercises to do multiple times a day. In the end it paid off and I find myself a better leader, with better relationships with my staff, and with a staff that is emotionally invested in their work. Creative Leadership consulting is something every leader can benefit from. Monica with her programs, will get you there.”

— H.M., Department Manager, Olympia, WA


"I want to thank you and your team for working with my mid-level manager around creative leadership. She has applied the tools she has gleaned, while working with you she was able to allow herself to become more vulnerable and transparent with her team and co-workers. As a result, her staff are more productive, committed and happier in the workplace. I have seen a positive change in her and the leadership she brings each day.

—A.S., Store Manager, Saratoga, CA